CTG Media was started in 2010, out of the contract with Big Sister Media, where I served since 2005 as an account manager and later as a VP of marketing.

Among my duties were:

  • representing the company online and in public, including international tradeshows in Europe and US
  • working with B2B and mainstream press outlets and hosting promotional events
  • identifying new opportunities, creating and maintaining relationships with new and existing business partners
  • licensing (TV, IPTV, internet, mobile, DVD)
  • creating a new concept for the membership based website and overseeing its development

During my time with Big Sister media, I’ve greatly enjoyed establishing and promoting a unique product,  including working with media / press outlets.  We’ve managed to get features in well over a hundred different press outlets, including some 20 TV reports. Our project was featured in mass media outlets such as as NY Times, Bloomberg, Time Magazine or National Geographic.

As a right hand man for the company owner there was a lot of insight to gain when it comes to running a business, especially a start up.

Ever since that,  I’ve taken part in various international projects. Mainly in the area of traffic and content distribution / monetization across pretty much every platform out there.

While I hold a degree in International management and marketing, my original education is technical. Knowledge of mathematics, analytical thinking is the key to understand and interpret the cause and effect of any change, be it externally caused or self-induced.

Successfully adapting to changes is the key for success of just about any business out there.

Will be glad to review if we can find a way to make your project take off or move forward the right way, and improve your bottom line.

Let’s keep in touch!

Carl Borowitz


Proven online business solutions since 2010