Put your product, brand or latest offer in front of your potential business partners.

Whether you plan to roll out a major marketing campaign or look for an effective way to help establishing your business / product / offers, we can find a tailored solution suiting your needs.

Our target audience –  site operators, affiliates, companies providing services for online industry professionals aka for example CPA networks, ad networks,  hosting, design, software solution providers etc.

Mass media – generally not doing any mass media, consumer oriented press anymore, although there may be exceptions to that rule (contact us if you feel that you may have a case).

The Promotional solutions offered are:

Basic Press Release Package  

  • drafting a press release
  • distribution across a list of online media outlets

Advanced Press Release Package 

  • drafting a press release
  • distribution across a list of online media outlets
  • additional distribution across relevant social media networks and online message boards

With both options you:

  • get your own dedicated PR account / profile where applicable
  • get more exposure via sharing on your social media profiles (FB, Twitter etc.)
  • are free to get additional exposure by sharing via newsletters
  • get ongoing exposure since the articles get indexed in search engines
  • get ongoing exposure since the articles will be displayed for anyone searching for your company on any of those media outlets

Contact Us for samples, resource list and pricing.

Custom Promotional Package

In case you need to help with fine tuning your sales presentation, your company presentation, help with your trade show presence or spending your ad budget wisely – feel free to contact us.



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