Knowledge is power that saves money and headache alike.

CTG Media provides the following:

▪ Filling the missing resources in complex online business projects
▪ Analysing performance, suggesting product / project improvements
▪ Marketing planning incl. resources and how to measure the ROI
▪ Product planning incl. feature list and user stories
▪ Project management depending on the needs of the client
▪ Custom B2B marketing
▪ Client referrals

Typically working with various international clients on a per project basis. Contact Us for References.

Some proven referrals that you may ask about:

  • Growing your ad revenue with an invite only ad network (strictly CPC) where the ad rates constantly rise for 7 years in a row
  • Proven exclusive dating offers with a white label option for GEOS such as CZ, SVK, PL, RO, SRB, CRO, AUT, DE
  • Proven third party and merchant billing solutions
  • Content licensing – third party or custom content for your website from proven and reliable sources
  • Development capacity – programming done right by an experienced crew with a proven track record of delivering
  • A way to reduce and recover your charge-backs
  • Proven solution for your under-monetized Eastern and Central European traffic
  • Proven solutions for your German Speaking traffic
  • Going international –  planning to enter the US or German market? let’s do it right
  • Localization of your sites to Spanish or Italian by experienced insiders (incl. online gambling)

Be it a one off requirement, referring a solution that is proven to work, or a complex project in the making – CTG Media is your safe bet.

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